Welcome to Learning Spaces


Learning Spaces is a forward thinking online education provider where child-led learning is optimised, natural curiosity is nurtured and we strive to maintain the natural love of learning that all children are born with.

We are passionate about…

Nurturing a child’s natural love of learning.

Child-led, hands-on learning.

Providing educational resources that allow children to take ownership over their learning journey.

Education that doesn’t take place within the four walls of a classroom.

Education that is not limited to a pre-determined curriculum.

Providing educational resources that are representative and relevant to all of our children.

Advocating for more child-focused educational approaches including Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Steiner and Democratic philosophies. 

It is time to rethink education. The traditional model of school is not working to prepare children for the 21st century.  As a mother of four with a background in teaching and psychology I made the decision that a school-based education was not what I wanted for my children.

Many parents feel that the school-based education that their children are receiving is only part of the education they wish their children to receive.

We wanted to create a community and space where we can all learn and thrive!

We are passionate about education and use our experience to support children in their learning, ensuring that they grow in confidence and develop a life long love of learning.

We provide a rich online educational space and a sense of community for

  • home educated children
  • children not yet in school
  • parents who are considering an alternative approach to the education of their children instead of school
  • parents who are considering adding an alternative approach to their children’s education

We also offer a whole host of activities and projects for both children and their parents as we recognise education goes hand in hand with parenting. We provide a community, activities, resources and support for parents who take a child focused approach to education.

If you often feel your views on your children’s education differ from the mainstream and you feel strongly about following your child’s lead, then you’re in the right place. We are passionate about supporting you in your unique journey as an educator of your children.

How did the Learning Spaces come into being? Our Story

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We look forward to meeting you and your children!