A day at Camp 21

When you walk through the doors of our Summer Camps you may be surprised by the sense of purposeful play and creativity that you see around you. But don’t expect all children to be doing the same thing, nor to see children divided into groups. That simply doesn’t happen here. These children are in charge of their own learning and are bringing us along for the journey!

Some children are immersed in imaginary play in the small world area, another is huddled in a reading nook reading aloud to a younger child. In the main room there is an art session going on where children are creating pieces for the gallery, inspired by the work of Ben Enwonwu. What is clear is that all children are engaged in something that interests them. There is a climate of inquiry rather than a teacher-directed culture.

Walls are adorned with artwork, documenting the children’s learning, development, passions and interests.15697819_1856038751332054_2948472587222572276_n

In the discovery area, a three year old, five year old and six year old are playing a co-operative shrinking paper game facilitated by a camp co-learner.

Tomorrow, the day might be totally different, new projects begin, new friendships and connections are made. The children determine the evolving camp curriculum. It is this focus on their interest and passions that maintains the high level of intrinsic motivation, less prominent in traditional school environments.