Camp 21

a child-focused camp for the 21st Century

Every aspect of our camps is designed to put children in charge of their own learning experience. At Camp 21, children try, sometimes fail, and learn on their own–they learn to trust their own judgment.


These will ultimately be the children who are prepared to tackle the challenges of an ever changing world with creativity and confidence. Our camps are designed to focus on the skills that schools sometimes miss due to the assessment driven nature of our current schooling systems. Today’s employers are looking for individuals who can demonstrate flexibility, creativity, innovation, leadership, emotional intelligence, collaboration and are able to think outside the box. Its a scary, new reality but children today, living in our fast paced world, need these characteristics as much as top grades.

If you want your children to feel confident in these areas then you need to let them lead their own learning journey. At our camps, they are encouraged to do just that and the results are amazing!


The kids loved every minute! The hands on approach is amazing:) They were so happy to return again! Which made Mama super happy:)

Angela, mum of Jonathan, Aaron & Ethan.
Lagos, Nigeria

My children were actually upset that I signed them up for just one week. They kept asking if they could go for one more day. That’s how much they enjoyed the camp! Thank you so much for everything. My children had a wonderful time and I know they were well taken care of.

Kanchan, Mum of Samaara and Aarya
Lagos, Nigeria

The best thing about Camp 21 is that the kids could be themselves and learn & play without force

Thessa, Mum of Munir & Mansur
Lagos, Nigeria

I loved the free choice way of the process…Rachel clearly has a passion for what she is doing….

Aisling, mum of Gabi
Lagos, Nigeria