‘Alternative learning’, ‘child-focused education’ and ‘unschooling’ are relatively new to most parents. After all, we are the products of traditional schooling. Here are our ‘Frequently Asked Questions…


What do you actually mean by ‘alternative learning’? Our definition of alternative learning is ‘any education that breaks from traditional methods of learning seen in mainstream schools’. Given that most children go to school, choosing to educate your child at home (or without school) is pretty ‘alternative’. Similarly, following a more European model of education and delaying school start for your child and focusing on play based learning is also pretty alternative. Learning Spaces draws upon the best bits of well known alternative educational pedagogies including but not exclusively Waldorf Steiner, Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Charlotte Mason and Unschooling. When you make education truly ‘alternative’, unique and highly personalised, children have a chance to follow their interests and lead their learning. This ensures motivation is high and learning is deep.

Does Learning Spaces have a physical location? Learning Spaces is primarily an online entity – a community for parents and educators who have an interest in alternative educational ideas. We do not advocate a specific curriculum, instead bringing you the best resources and recommendations to support your child’s natural development. As your child’s main influence and first educator, we are here to support you and your child as you guide and facilitate your own child’s learning. We do however, offer in person activities in our local area – currently Lagos, Nigeria in West Africa. These activities include a Montessori inspired playgroup and our popular Camps – Camp 21. You can read about a typical day at Camp here.

What support do you offer parents who want to introduce a non-traditional type of education to their child? 

We offer a Montessori Playgroup and Africa’s first Unschooling Camp – Camp 21. We are currently based in Lagos, Nigeria, in West Africa and offer in person activities weekly.

We offer Online Educational Coaching and Consultancy for parents and educators keen to adopt non-traditional approached to education and nourish the curiosity and love of learning in their children.

We have an online membership community that hold discussions, book clubs, workshops and webinars.

We recommend and create educational resources that support alternative and child-focused approaches to education to compliment your child’s education. The includes our subscription Learning Boxes. 

How else does Learning Spaces support parents? Education and Parenting go hand-in-hand, after all you are your child’s first educator. As such we support parents in order for them to support their children. Through classes with your children, by becoming a member of our online community, meeting other parents online, delving into our education and parenting consultancy and bookclub and by attending workshops.

I’m not sure whether home education is for us but I want to find out more? We would love to chat with you to introduce alternative learning theory and find out how this style of learning can cherish your child’s natural love of learning and support their future success. 

What do you think is wrong with traditional schooling? This is a BIG questions with multiple answers. We cover this a lot in our blog posts and it wouldn’t be fair to attempt to pick apart the institution of school in a single paragraph. It is important to remember that school suits some children and some positively love the school experience. But it is far from perfect. A great starting point is the most watched TED Talk of all time by Sir Ken Robinson entitled ‘Do Schools Kill Creativity?’ and another video entitled ‘I sued the school system’. Both can be found on our free resources page.