Courses, Classes & Consultancy

Education and Parenting go hand-in-hand, after all you are your child’s first educator.

We support parents who want to be involved in their children’s day-to-day education.  Education doesn’t just take place inside the four walls of a classroom. Your children are learning all the time. They are natural learners.

But sometimes we all need a bit of support…..

Which school would be best for your child?

What happens when things aren’t going so well at school?

Are you arguing constantly over homework?

Does your child seem to hate learning? Rejects educational activities?

How can you offer alternative educational options whilst your child is in traditional schooling?

We offer discussion groups and educational consultancy and educational coaching that support parents in order for them to support their children.

What if your child is a baby or a toddler and you haven’t yet decided on your child’s educational path?

As a parent, the decisions you make about your child’s development and education start at birth. Perhaps you are reading about milestones and you are interested in classes that support your child’s early development. Or you might even be beginning to think about how your child learns, the importance of play and the type of education that will nurture a love of learning  and protect that innate curiosity you see in your child. Parents and their babies/toddlers are given the opportunity to use the beautiful learning resources at our centre.

We are your village… your community. Come and meet like-minded parents, we can’t wait to meet you!