What is Learning Spaces?

Learning Spaces: A online space where families are supported in adopting less traditional approaches to learning. We are rethinking education.  

What is Learning Spaces?
With our roots in home education, we are home to a community of families and educators who are looking for an alternative approach to learning.

We offer a Montessori Playgroup and Africa’s first Unschooling Camp – Camp 21. We are currently based in Lagos, Nigeria, in West Africa and offer in person activities weekly.

We offer Online Educational Coaching and Consultancy for parents and educators keen to adopt non-traditional approached to education and nourish the curiosity and love of learning in their children.

We have an online membership community that hold discussions, book clubs, workshops and webinars.

We recommend and create educational resources that support alternative and child-focused approaches to education to compliment your child’s education. The includes our subscription Learning Boxes. 

Who is Learning Spaces for?
– Are you currently home educating/home schooling your children?

– Are you feeling the pressure to put your little one into preschool or school but you aren’t sure it is right yet?

– Are you looking for support in your alternative approach to education, ideas for how your children can learn independently and happily?

– Are you intrigued about home education but a little anxious about taking the leap?

– Are you dissatisfied with mainstream education and would really like to give your child a broad and more child-led exploratory activities?

– Are you feeling ‘out of the loop’ with your child’s education and would love to be more involved?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then the Learning Spaces community could be just the place for you!

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