Our Educational Philosophy

We are committed to providing a expertise, support and advise to parents and educational professionals who want to create learning environments adapted to each child so that the inquisitive and enthusiastic nature of children is nourished and developed to the full.

We believe that education is optimal for children when:

  • It is Informal, child-centred, respectful and intrinsically motivated
  • Children direct their own learning and can develop in their own way
  • There are supportive, experienced teachers, parents and visiting experts
  • There is a high adult to child ratio
  • Education is non-coercive
  • There are small mixed age groups
  • Children have access to free play indoors and outdoors
  • There is a wide choice of resources
  • Adult led activities have academic, social and practical skills built-in: cooking, gardening, woodwork, arts and craft, music, storytelling, cooperative games,

Wide Eyed Innocence

We believe that real life resources such as museums, galleries and local experts should be as important in learning as teachers and textbooks. We believe that from the moment a child is born, the parents are the child’s first educators and should they wish, their involvement in their child’s education should be promoted and supported. As such, parental support groups are as important as rich learning opportunities for our children.