Our Story

How it all began

rachel-rosie-2016-0104From the moment my first baby entered the world, life as I knew it ceased to exist! I wasn’t the same person as i was before children and knew life would never be the same again! I intended to go back to my beloved teaching career but my priorities had changed. A few year later, with four daughters under five, I decided to leave a successful 13-year career in teaching to focus on being a mum.

However, my love of education runs deep and even when at home with my children, I read all I could about education. I applied what I had learnt as a teacher and through my psychology background to my parenting and to help me deal with the emotional and social changes I faced as a stay at home parent.

As my first daughter approached school age, I started to see education and school through her eyes. I became concerned about whether formal learning in the early years was appropriate given all I understand about child development.  I wanted to be clear about all my options regarding educational choice and follow a path which felt right for our family. I realised that a traditional school-based education wasn’t going to be right for us. And so, our journey in home education began.

I truly believe that I am giving my children the best start in life. We love our alternative but fulfilling lifestyle. The UK has a strong Home Education community but now as semi-permanent residents in Lagos, Nigeria, we have had to adapt our approach. In the quest to build a community of like minded parents for my children and for me, we have developed Nigeria’s first Unschooling Summer Camp – Camp 21.

∼ Rachel