Free Resources

This is a great place to get started if you want to find out more about alternative forms of education. There are so many resources out there; TED X Talks, Blogs, You Tube videos, books and academic research papers. It can be a bit overwhelming, so, we have collated some of the best bits. Enjoy!


Prince Ea – I Just Sued the School System!

A great video showing some of the limitations of our current school system.

Sir Ken Robinson – Do schools kill creativity?

An Educational Revolution Activist and academic, Sir Ken Robinson’s awesome TedTalk is also the most watched of all time.

RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms

For the visual learners out there, a Ken Robinson talk about education using illustration.

Home Schooling Makes me Happy by Logan LaPlante

A real life home schooler talks about his education.


Learning without school – Ross Mountney

Teach Your Own – John Holt

How Children Learn at Home – Alan Thomas

How Children Fail – John Holt

Unschooling – Kerry McDonald


Its time to rethink how we are educating our children – Futurism

Home Education: Aims, Practices and Outcomes – Leeds University, UK

Self Directed Learning – Kerry McDonald

The Benefits of Delaying School Starting Age – The Telegraph, UK

When Success Leads to Failure – The Atlantic